AREA06 ShortTheatre

Born in Rome in 2001, AREA06 is a multidisciplinary collective of artists and operators who share the aim of developing cultural events based on a merge of artistic languages, and of experimenting diverse production methods to support creativity. The association was founded by some of the most important Italian cultural organisations of the last twenty years: Accademia degli Artefatti, Agresta, Fortebraccio Teatro, PAV, Quellicherestano, Sistemi Dinamici Altamente Instabili and Travirovesce. Over the years, several subjects joined in or collaborated with the association thus modifying the workforce but never its goals.
AREA06 plans and realises several projects based in Rome and in the Regione Lazio: shows, training courses and festivals conceived for theatres as well as unconventional locations. In 2006 Regione Lazio granted AREA06 funds to support the Officina Culturale project and it was later recognised as a Recurring Activity.
AREA06 has therefore experimented and developed a cultural and management method that transforms a project into both a local and a national event. AREA06 operates in two fields: production of independent artists and companies, and the creation and organisation of SHORT THEATRE (since 2006), with Fabrizio Arcuri as artistic director.
AREA06 is a member of the Associazione Scenario, monitoring new theatre generations through the competition for the Scenario Prize.

To date, AREA06 co-produced the following companies:

Accademia degli Artefatti
amnesiA vivacE/Daniele Timpano
Fortebraccio Teatro
Immobile Paziente
Sistemi Dinamici Altamente Instabili
Teatro delle Apparizioni
Teatro Sotterraneo
Tony Clifton Circus




SHORT THEATRE‘s aim is to place Italian and international contemporary productions in the foreground and analyse how theatre faces and reacts to provocations from our present time.
SHORT THEATRE is neither a festival nor a retrospective, it is instead close to the concept of demonstration, as it is a demonstration of ideas, methods, themes and strategies.
A non-stop theatre, dance, performance and music event portraying the relationship between reality and representation and highlighting different interpretations of the